July 29

Local Property Tax when selling a property

When a property is being sold the Local Property Tax for the calendar year in which it is being sold is apportioned / divided between the vendor and the purchaser at the date of the sale. But how can the purchaser be sure that the property is correctly valued for Local Property Tax purposes and.

October 19

Local Property Tax (LPT)

If you have any queries about Local Property Tax ( LPT) or any property matter, or if you would like a detailed quotation please Contact Us.

September 18

Correct Property Boundaries

Lately we have seen a number of issues arising regarding property boundaries, which can become problematic if left unresolved. When buying property, we recommend that a purchaser would have their surveyor check the Land Registry compliant map which will be provided by the vendor`s solicitors. Ask the surveyor to ensure that the boundaries are correctly.